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July 30, 2011

Demon's Winter - Perspective

This is just a very short comment on Demon's Winter so far. I will return with a full review if and when I complete the game. I have now played for roughly 10-12 hours and my group are at level 8. I still lack a lot of skills and spell schools mostly because it is very costly to travel around the world looking for such places. If you can´t afford it right on when you see it, it will take awhile until you can return.

If you don´t immerse yourself into the game, the manual and the box and just look at the screenshots then I understand that you think "Who the hell would wan´t to play such an old crappy game in 2011 ?"

The thing that keeps me hooked is the enthusiasm and atmonsphere created by the manual and the game box. I love to be able to wander around freely with hardly any directions. The driving factor is of course to constantly build-up your group with more experience, better equipment and skills. You can feel the progress. At level 1 I found tha game quite hard but already on level 2-3 I felt that I was slowly progressing and able to survive more and more combats without returning for healing. The monsters are different for different regions of the game. Where you start I think there are about the same kind of enemies you meet regardless of your level. I like that kind of system.

The maps are ok and the dungeons as well. There are not very often places of interest but enough to keep you going. I like the day/night cycle. When the night approaches your vision is limited and it is harder to navigate but you could go on if you wish. If you go on for too long you will be forced to sleep eventually and use your provisions unless you have any character with the hunt skill.

My conclusion is so far that the game is better than anticipated before I started. I had it to my Amiga 500 in 1990 but never got the grips of it and lacked the manual. For me manuals are crucial. Not only to fully understand the game but also to get immersed into the game and the atmosphere.

Well, time to go back to the game....

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