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August 1, 2014

Highest rated game in each category

I have put all games I´ve revisited the past years in an Excelfile (I don´t know how I can link this file to my sidebar yet) and here are the games that have scored highest in each category:

Gameworld & Story
Shadows over Riva
Might & Magic X
NPC & Interactions
Shadows over Riva
Monsters, tactics & combat system
Might & Magic X, Dark heart of Uukrul
Magic system
Might & Magic X, Eschalon Book 3
Character generation & development
Wizardry VII
Map design
Shadows over Riva, Faery Tale II
Legend of Faerghail
Graphics, Sound and Interface
Legend of Faerghail
Summary CRPG value
Might & Magic X, Eschalon Book 3

Might & Magic X

The rating I set is rather conservative and now in hindsight there are several games that deserves a higher or lower rating when I compare them but there is no reason to change that now.

For example:

Demon´s winter scored 2 in gameworld & interactions. That is probably too high and better than Ishar 2 and on the same level as Wizardry VII which feels wrong.

Regarding NPC & Interactions Dragon wars scored 1 and Legend of Faerghail 1.5. Dragon Wars should be at least equal or more.

Regarding Manual, Legend of Faerghail scored a 5 but the manual is not better than the manual in Wizardry VII for example.