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December 2, 2016

My favourite CRPG Music list

While I can still whistle a few subtunes from my first experience of Bard´s Tale on my Commodore 64 in 1988 it did not have good music in the way I meant it.  It has some classical catchy tunes that you had to listen to for hours while travelling the dungeons and had your bard songs active. Then there are music you appreciate because it is atmospheric but not very good to listen at actively.

Today - working as a programmer - I have a lot of good old game music to listen too both from Youtube and Spotify. Many of the are purely RPG related. The last couple of years have seen the indie rpg market explode and there are a lot of good music in these games as well. I am thinking about Legend of Grimrock 1 and 2, Lords of Xulima etc but this list is only for game is for the pre year 2000 games.

This list comes in no order whatsoever. It is impossible for me to determine a winner. I hope you like these tunes as well and if you have found something new you didn´t know about. Congratulations!

Ishar 2 - All subtunes are good but this is one of the best

Abandoned Places - There are several good tunes. This is just one of them.

The Faery Tale Adventure - All the songs are great

Betrayal at Krondor - The whole album is good

                          Planescape Torment - Also listen to this beautiful Deionarras Theme

Eye of the Beholder - Then listen to this clear remix

Ultima Underworld - The whole album has many good, atmospheric tunes.

Blade of Destiny - The whole album is good.

Best CRPG game music ?


The music in the old classical roleplaying computer games are often overlooked. I have always appreciated the ones that really have good music but too often they don´t get the attention they deserve. I have a lot of good themes playing in my earphones while working so why not share those ? That will be for another post though, now I would like to know which are your favourites and why ?