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July 30, 2011

Demon's Winter - Ice caves

My group headed far north and found colleges of Fencing, Berserk and Armoured skin. I got fencing for the Ranger and the Barbarian and Armoured skin for those who needed. Now I was ready for my next task. I decided to travel to the northwest part of the map and stumbled upon an Ice Cave.

I met a Yeti which was not much of a trouble and then suddenly a huge Ice dragon that blocket my way. I let my Wizard cast a 40 pts Column of fire on him and he died. Not much of a fight, but you have to be on the safe side. Who knows what evil powers that dragon had. The small complex turned out to hide the Collegue of Ice runes. My wizard already had that magic school so I returned back to my ship. Instead I am looking for shamanism for my barbarian.

I continued westward and discovered an Ruin. That turned out to be an evil temple.

Temple of Evil
 I soon met Jasric, the evil priest I have heard about in a Pub somewhere. He attacked immediately and I easily defeated him. He had a heavy amulet showing he was a high priest of Malifur (the imprisoned dragon). I found a caved in entrance to an ice-hall which I could not get past but I also found an ice door. Though it read it was susceptible to fire it turned out I had to use an icicle to force the door open. Inside was an ice altar. I used a prayer scroll I found in the cave on it and a voice was heard...

Now the main mission begin it seems

The voice said Malifur the dragon is imprisoned but the spell has worn weak and so I have to find a mean to bind it again. I should seek out the knights in the norteast for help it said and then return back to this cave with some item. I have earlier found out that Malifur seems to be imprisoned under a volcano in the southeast.

By the way, I used magic torch for the first time and suddenly my view was extraordinary good. I haven´t ever used a torch or lantern. Now my mapping will go much easier.

I recommend you use a light source for easier orientation
Now that it felt like the main quest was starting seriously I returned to my ship and headed eastward where I found the Knights domain. There was some sort of spirit that guarded the orb which was located behind a secret door and it said that it might be able to give the orb to me but only if I pass the tests. What those tests was it didn´t say. I searched around the area and found several secret doors through the walls. Each led to a corridor that ended in room. Each room contained a test for each class you had in your group. Regardless of class, each class character had to fight a certain foe to show his prowess. The fights was always one-to-one fights and was relatively easy though my Monk almost died.

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  1. Thieves get a different test - detect the trap leading to their room. A bit silly since they always succeed as long as the player remembers to hit the Look button. And the poor barbarian had to fight a grown Dragon. Heh, sounds like a good Fafhrd and Grey Mouser story.