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February 15, 2013

Short life sign

This is just a short update to inform anyone reading my blog that it has not been abandoned in anyway. It´s just that combining playing CRPGs and still satisfy the attention that my family and one year old son deserves is not always easy. Added to that is that I just switched job a few weeks back so much of my leftover energy is spent there right now. I will return here as soon as I have finished Risen 2 and choosen my next game to tackle.

Apart from Risen 2, the only other game I have had time to play is Panzer Corps, a modern version of SSI:s old Panzer General series. It goes highly recommended even though it has nothing with RPGs to do. If I would have had the time I would like to start a blog about old classical strategy games as well. I suppose I have to wait until I get retired :-)