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July 8, 2013

Moving on...

With such a long time between my posts, it should come to no surprise that I do not intend to finish Betrayal at Krondor. I had material for my third posting finished but the major break in time made my material hard to summarize. Much had happened since my first post. Chapter 3 is a big and long chapter with twists in the story and a lot of travelling back and forth between the same places. When I returned back to my blog to summarise the happenings I had forgot the red line I was following in the game and the chronology of the events taken place.

The more the time went by the harder it was to get back into the game. There is no questlog or anything to help you if you don´t take your own notes and I am too lazy to do that. 

Also I was hooked up with Dragon Age II. A game I was very sceptical of, based on its rumours with too much hack´n slash compared to the first installment. I was, however, positively surprised about the story, sidequests and the development of your companions personal stories. All of June and the time I can spare in July has been put into finishing the game. I am nearing the end now.

Even though I have played enough to review Betrayal at Krondor I feel it will be unjustly to do it so long after playing the game so I will just summarise my impressions of it.

Betrayal of Krondor is very story driven and the story is really what makes this game stand above the other RPGs of its time. The event based system of the story is also well executed. The 3D world is sparse and lacking though, and everything you see is stationary and motionless. Combat seems to offer some tactical options but in reality does not impress and is more like the tactics you could use in Heroes of Might and Magic. The space is far too confiend and limited to be used for any tactical deployment. 

The use of poisons, food and regeneration of characters is very well executed. The less healthy you are the less you will perform in your skills. A system I would like see implemented in more games. The 3D graphics is very poor, even for a 1993 game. The 2D graphics is better though even though the resolution is only VGA. The music is much better and have some good audio tracks.

The game allows for some problem solving not the least with all riddled chests scattered through the land. I have to admit those are very hard so I cheated on all of them. Anyway, the game has potential and I recommend you to try it out.

My next revisit will be for a freeware RPG game called Dark Disciples.

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