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January 23, 2012

Next games coming up is still undecided

I am right now exploring which game I will start up with as the next revisit. This time it might only be to shed some light on some odd game or a game that I want to try.

I am very interested in doing a short revisit to Legends of Valour. It was released in 1993 to the Amiga and I played it with my Amiga 1200. I know it was full of bugs but I don´t remember much from it except that it had got a lot of negative critics. I am about to find out why in a potential revisit becuase for some strange reason I am feeling drawn to this game. I don´t know if it is because of the comprehensive and well written manual, posters and artwork the game was shipped with, or the rumours of vampires and werewolves roaming the city at night.

The other game I´ve found on CRPGAddicts masterlist is Nemesis - The Wizardry Adventure from 1996. That seems to be a first-person RPG which might appeal to me.

And I have yet to finalize my review of The Dark Heart of Uukrul.


  1. Both of the games you listed sound interesting. As I don't think I've ever heard of these games, I'm looking forward to reading about them. :)

    That RPG Chick

  2. I'd like to see someone go through Albion. I've heard good things about that game, but never tried it. In case you were looking for a game.

  3. @Amy K
    Thanks. I´ll see if I can get Legends of Valour to work properly with dosbox.

    Yes, I´ve heard about and even tried Albion in 1996. I know it is a very good game. The only problem I have with it is that it is a sci-fi game, uses unconventional races etc and is very, very large which means extremely long playing time. It is however not impossible that I will try it out later on.