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August 11, 2011

Shadows over Riva - Let´s start a new game

I remember buying Realms of Arkania III - Shadows over Riva in 1997 to the PC platform. I loved the music it was really, really well done and used as audio tracks on the CD. That helped a lot to build up the atmosphere of the game. I did however get stucked somewhere in the game. On an island I believe. It was simply too hard for me to continue with my group and a lot of other games were poking for my interest.

But now I am back again. I bought the game recently from for only 6 dollars. Well worth the money I believe. First I have to read the manual and think about what kind of group I should create for this game. At the same time I am still not finished with Drakensang - River of Time but I am in the end somewhere (in the castle right now).

This is the third installment of Arkania, all based on the german RPG Das schwarze auge. I actually played the first installment Blade of Destiny on the Amiga somewhere in 1992 and it was really good. I even bought the soundtrack for the game on CD from Germany. The second installment of the series was called Star Trail and it was never released to the Amiga platform so I missed it. After Shadows over Riva it would take a decennium for Das Schwarze Auge to make a mainstream comeback with Drakensang and recently with its follow up Drakensang - The River of Time. Neither of the last tow could compete in the music department with Blade of Destiny and Shadows over Riva.

Just listen to this track which plays during character generation....


  1. "I actually played the first installment Blade of Destiny on the Amiga somewhere in 1992 and it was really."

    It was really...what?
    A friend of mine bought this game and complained about how brutally hard core it was. It sounded more like a survival simulator than a game the way he described it.

  2. I remember Blade of Destiny as being slow. Slow, tedious and hard fights. But the RPG elements was very good but as you say very difficult and hard. I still have problems in Riva because it is so realistic that you get a cold and other diseases if not wearing proper shoes, having a blanket to sleep on etc. It is too much to keep track on because it is not mentioned very detailed in the manual of the game.