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October 1, 2012

Struggling with corrupted savedisc

Recently I have had very little sparetime to continue my adventure in the game Legend of Faerghail. I did have the opportunity to start up the last few days but what happens ? My savedisc got corrupted in WinUae and I had to replay my last hours. Then the same thing happened yesterday again. And though I had several new backups each of them was corrupted. I am able to save and reload from within the game but when I restart WinUae the savedisc is not readable anymore so I have thought everything was ok.
My suspicion is that this happens when the savedisc gets full. I have now created a new savedisc and replayed half of my last sessions. I will be back again soon.
It seems the power of Balaan from within the game is not confined to only the game itself


  1. Greetings.

    Hope, nothing will stop you and will be able to write further wonderful tales, anyway:

    1 - a German LoF thread, mentioning some kind of amiga "savedisk" problem, too:

    2 - a discussion about error free amiga versions:

    The working English version, 100% bug free is the 2.0e English Version with the main executable (LOF file) dated 17-oct-1990. This is available only on TOSEC for now, but it will be released by SPS soon. These are the working TOSEC images:

    Legend of Faerghail v2.0e (1990)(Rainbow Arts)[a](Disk 1 of 3)
    Legend of Faerghail v2.0e (1990)(Rainbow Arts)[a](Disk 2 of 3)
    Legend of Faerghail v2.0e (1990)(Rainbow Arts)[a](Disk 3 of 3)(Boot)

    The SPS german version, Legend of Faerghail v1.8 (1990)(reLINE)(De)[0524] works fine without the riddle bug.


    1. Thanks for your advice. I have checked out the german forum.

    2. You might try downloading a new copy of the game from another site -- I've run into the problem using DOS & Apple II emulated games, and that has usually turned out to be the culprit. If they're virtual disk files like on the emulated Apple II (ours are things like "ultima6save.dsk") then it *should* be a direct copy of the original physical disk and thus big enough to save everything.

      Hopefully the people at that forum will know of a good savegame editor (or what to change using a HEX editor), so you can re-create the character stats/items you had when the game failed.

  2. Sorry for the late answer, I just discovered your play-through of the game...

    The most likely reason why the save disk may get corrupted is because the operating system has not quite finished updating the disk contents. On a real, physical Amiga you would notice this by the disk drive LED staying lit and the disk would keep spinning for a while longer. If your Amiga emulation support floppy sound, it can be helpful as a cue when it is safe to remove the disk/reboot the machine.