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December 11, 2013

Deathfire: Ruins of Nethermore plan B released!

Failing to reach the monetary goal in Kickstarter, the new RPG Deathfire: Ruins of Nethermore takes another approach. Instead of securing funding for the whole game at once, G3 Studios have decided to release the game in parts. The advantage of that is that they will require much less money to finish one part instead of all six at once. That makes it more realistic to get funding in steps. The different pledge levels are almost identical to what was seen at kickstarter.

The goal now is to reach $50.000 to secure funds to finish the first part of the game and they have already secured $34.000 of those. I will also make a pledge because I believe in the game and have trust in Guido Henkel and his team. No credit card will be charged if they don´t reach their targeted figure.

This is good news because I think this new approach could be more successful. 


  1. FUUUUU Blogspot. 4th try....

    I placed a pledge the day before yesterday but don't understand the process. The Paypal transaction was successful, but nothing else happened, e.g. a mail from 3G Studios.

    Well, I'll have to wait :)

    1. correction/update: now they have a kind of working supporter portal :)