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December 2, 2016

Best CRPG game music ?


The music in the old classical roleplaying computer games are often overlooked. I have always appreciated the ones that really have good music but too often they don´t get the attention they deserve. I have a lot of good themes playing in my earphones while working so why not share those ? That will be for another post though, now I would like to know which are your favourites and why ?


  1. The Ultima series has a well known soundtrack that most CRPG fans seem to love.

    Same for the Quest for Glory series.

    Another of my favorites is the Betrayal at Krondor one.

  2. I fully agree with you on Betrayal at Krondor. I haven´t heard or played the Quest for glory series though.

  3. I don't know if these count as CRPGS, but the theme song for the original X-Com is great. Also, who doesn't love the entire soundtrack to Star Control II, a.k.a The UrQuan Masters?

    1. Never heard any of these songs unfortunately.

  4. UrQuan Masters is one of the best freeware deals out there. Every alien race in the game has it's own signature theme song, plus there's many others. You can bask in glory of the soundrack without even booting up the game. Check out the Original 3DO soundtrack:

    They even cooked up a full HD version, for the graphically sensitive. I played it through to the end without any bugs, so I'd say it's solid as is:

    Now, as far as X-Com is concerned, if you can find the original data files (very easy to do) You can enjoy the benefits of one of the most epic fan-based expand and extend projects:

    If you just want to hear the intro song, here it is:

    The thing is though, this one features full on sounds. If you had a somewhat lacking sound card back in the day, you got a much higher music to SFX ratio.

    Most of the in game music was creepy horror ambiance.

    I guess you could just check out the UrQuan Masters music in youTube too, but it's really an amazing game, and totally free too!

  5. The Main-Theme from Thalion's RPG "Amberstar" sounds fantastic and is worth hearing:

    1. I totally agree with you. I forgot this game when doing my list. It should be put in there. There are several good tunes from both Amberstar and Ambermoon.