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July 25, 2014

The blog is now 3 years old!

Another year has passed since I launced this blog in July 2011. My time goes up and down and there have been longer periods with no postings at all. That is only due to lack of time and not lack of interest.

Since last year only three new games have been reviewed but many others has been revisited. I have slightly changed direction to accept more modern games as long as they are in the RPG genre.

What is extra fun is when the original developers find my blog and do comments on their games like in Legend Of Faerghail or Prophecy of the Shadow.

The number of pageviews has increased drastically in absolute numbers since last summer from 60.000 to over 120.000 today. The number of comments last year has risen from 373 to 473 and my articles from 133 to 170.

My visitors are still coming mainly from US, Germany, UK and Sweden and Firefox is still by far the most popular reader. Up until last year 7-8 % of the readers use their mobile phones or tablets. Now that figure is 11 %. But my summary is based on total summary since I cannot see exactly the change just for the last year. Those figures will naturally be much higher. 

Right now I have quite a hard time to find suitable games to play for this blog. There are some major modern titles that will be released this year of which I would name Dragon Age 3, Witcher 3, Risen 3 and Legend of Grimrock 2. Those will naturally be on my preferred playlist when they arrive. 


  1. Well, I am still an avid reader, frequent posts or not.

    My own blog is two years old and I thought I was doing quite good at 16,000 pageviews...but no comments. I suppose a (right now) Morrowind-only play-through does not leave much for comments. Hopefully that will change when I reach Oblivion and, someday, Skyrim.

    1. Ah, you are an old faithful reader here. Thank you for that.

  2. Congratulations! I'm more of a lurker here, but I've read all posts until now (through the feed) and I always enjoy them!