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June 1, 2012

Moving on to the sequel

I am forced to stop playing Abandoned Places since I cannot solve my problem of not finding anything in the mountain region known as The Steps. I have looked through the few walkthroughs that exists to see if there are anything special that needs to be done to get there but I can´t find anything special. This is the first game that I very much regret having to leave since I did really begin to enjoy the game. But alas, my time is limited and there are countless of other gems out there waiting for my attention.

However, I will move on to the sequel Abandoned Places 2, released only for the Amiga platform in 1993. It is today released as a free game and could be found here. I really recommend reading the attached readme file for some background information regarding the first game and the game industry at that time.  

If someone out there ever could help me with my problem in Abandoned Places, then let me know and I might continue with my party. I feel that I could not rate A.P. fair with my 10 hours or so invested in it at this stage and so will let it be where it is.

For anyone looking to try out Abandoned Places, here is the manual and walkthrough.

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