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July 1, 2012

Abandoned Places 2 - The Tower

I was looking for a tower of some sorts as my next step according to what I was told in the dwarven mines when founding the shield. I looked feverishly through two whole outdoor maps. Unfortunately they are extremely empty of interesting places. There are some rivers or lakes here and there together with scattered trees and some random monsters. Nothing more. No interesting places, no descriptions, no items or chests. Nothing. The outdoor part of the game is far too big for what is contained within.

Anyway, I did skip to map the whole second area because of this and was almost about to give up when I stumbled upon an opening in a forest.

The entrance to my next goal
I entered and found myself within some sort of halls. It doesn´t resemble a tower so I cannot be sure what this place is. But new graphics and new inhabitants attacked me on sight so I suppose this is a place to be cleared out regardless. 

Druidic priests casting spells at me
This chest was at the end of a disorienting journey through fire hexes
This first level of the complex contained secret walls, treasures behind seas of fire and traps. The level swarmed with priests trying to stop my group from venturing forth but they where quickly disposed of. I had to go down to a level below the starting level to find a key and a magic sapphire and then return back to the starting level. Down in the basement I stumbled upon an alchemists laboratory where I found a lot of scrolls and potions.

Anyway, up at the starting level again I soon got stuck and couldn´t continue. I had to check for a solution for this and was astonished to find out that I have missed a button that is hardly visible even when you look at it.

Checkout the picture below. I have marked the place which acts as a recess below. Compare it with the left recess. It is very, very hard to notice it when all the walls looks like this and also when I have only found one such hard-to-find place in the whole game so far.

Anyway, when pressed it removed a pillar that allowed me access to a lever. When pulled a closed door opened and led me to a huge hall where I had to fight numerous priests and nuns. The hall contained a locked chest and the only way to open it was with the key brought from the level below. The chest contained  a magical sapphire and some other stuff. The hall also had stairs leading up to level 2 of the tower.

Who said nuns seem innocent ?

During my explorations I find magical armours or items here and there but when they don´t affect the statistics or any health- or magical abilities, it is hard to determine its true value. I already begin to fill my invetory slots up again. Mostly with valuables such as necklaces and gems.

The levels attained by my individual characters are extremely diversed. One of my fighters is only level 7 but my mage Trian is at level 17. The others are at level 10 and 14 respectively. I am pushing forward but I am getting tired of pursuing level after level without much variation or with no interesting character developments or interesting places. I am not sure I will try to complete this game just for the sake of completing it or if I should spend my valuable freetime more carefully with some other game. After all, this game has had a deep revisit already which is enough for reviewing it.


  1. @Saintus: I´m a regularly Visitor and Reader of your Blog and just wanted to say thanx for sharing your latest Gaming Experience with Abandoned Places 2.

    I would gladly read more of your Adventures in AP 2, but if you chose to quit your session because the Game becomes more and more unrewarding or boring, that`s understandable.

  2. Thanks for reading and commenting my blog. I´m still considering what to do about AP2.