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April 20, 2012

Kickstarter - support what you believe in

I have recently discovered Kickstarter, the world's largest funding platform for creative projects according to themselves.

What is it then ?

Well, it is a place for entreprenours or other persons to raise funds for different projects by letting us, the community, pay for them. By presenting the project and what you get depending on how much you are willing to contribute, developers could do things they normally would not be able to. The project has a fixed raising fund goal and a day set for when it is due. If the project fails to raise the funds there is no obligations from either part. But if the requested amount is reached the actual payment by the community (called backers) are done through paypal or other means. 

Ok, so why is this interesting ?

For me personally I have discovered two interesting projects so far and I haven´t even looked through all of them. One of them is Wasteland 2. That is a real CRPG that was much appreciated in 1988. Brian Fargo, the creator is the man behind this new release as well. Other readers here might add that he also was the founder of Interplay and the man behind Bard´s Tale.

Wasteland 2 opted for $900.000 but has so far got well over $2.900.000. That means the project is secured and could be started. There are different grades of contributions you could choose. The more money the more extras you receive even up to meet the developers in person, be part of the release-party or having yourself as an NPC into the game.

Anyway, now when you know what it is, I wanted to tell you of a project that I would like to see happen. Chris Huelsbeck, the musician behind the Turrican series of music released for the Amiga in the beginning of the 90:s, have started a project to try to raise $75.000 to release a 3-cd exclusive set of remastered and redone music. Since Turrican hold such extroardinary good music I hope his goal will be reached (I own the CD released in the 1990:s). He has done a lot of other famous game music as well such as the music to R-Type and The Great Giana Sisters on the Amiga/C64 platform.

Here is some examples of the Turrican music:
There are dozens of tracks in each Turrican game and the exemplary thing about them was that you could listen to all tunes from the title screen. How many hours haven´t I listened to those in front of the computer while studying for school in the beginning of the 1990s.

There have been made a lot of remixes of these themes. Many of them could be found on youtube or at Remix64.

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