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January 21, 2012

Prophecy of the Shadow - Won!

In my last post I had just entered the temple. I begun my search after the tomb rumooured to hold the mage Abraxus, my real enemy and the cause of all evil in this world. I was attacked by several priests but they where not very strong. The temple was very small and each corner had a piedestal with an accompanying text that was some sort of riddle. First I thought it was the scrolls that was talked about that should be used but it was not. It was in fact here I would use my special items like the magical lamp, elemental wand etc. After having dropped the four items on the correct piedestal in the corner a hidden stairway opened up.

I did not come very far until two spectres attacked me. They were extremely hard and quite impossible to even harm before I was long dead. After a few attempts I gave up wondering if I would have to be much stronger to be here at this stage of the game. But then I used the same tactic as with Cam Tethe. I let them chase me back to the stair and entered the level above. 

No enemy in the game could follow you between levels. I rested, saved and returned and they where just downstairs. I could hit them one or two times before I had to retreat back up again. After some time I killed them. They left nothing of value. I continued forward.

Behind the spectres I found a grave with a body on top. Ok, I thought. Here is Abraxus himself. What should I do now ? I used my spell for resurrection that I got from the Witch.

I had awaken Abraxus himself and he immediately started to attack me. Of course I was killed several times until I used the exactly same tactis as before. I fled all the way back up with him after me. I rested, healed and went down again and he was so kind as to wait for me just below the stairs. After around 5 hit-and-run episodes, I killed him.

The game transports me immediately to a new scene where I am walking past a lot of important people and commoners on my way to meet the true princess now that I have saved the realm. 

 My next post will naturally contain my review of this game.


  1. Unashamed abuse of being able to leave the screen and come back, I love it. I'm surprised that they didn't have some sort of check to prevent you from leaving an area if an enemy was took close, or resorted the hitpoints of a foe if you rested.

    Anyway good job on finishing the game!

  2. @Tk
    Thanks! I don´t know how I would be able to defeat the hard opponents without this kind of tactic since there are no respawning of wandering creatures to gain experience from.