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August 16, 2011

Shadows over Riva - Exploring the surroundings

I have cleared up the graveyard. I am still sceptical about the coffin found which I find no way of open. I wonder if that window could be used in any way but I have to leave this place for now. I have returned to try out alchemy. I had to google the net to understand how to use it. It is not enough you have the recipe, alchemy-set and all ingredients with the person. You must also rent a room and the use the alchemy skill. Sounds a little bit too complicated.
The inventory fills up very quickly
Especially since the inventory fills up very quickly and I now have problems carrying anything more, yet I have to cast Odem Arcanum on every item because I don´t know if some items could be magical. I first went to the market to sell off a few items and then I will continue explore the town for a bit.

Needed some Tarnele for Healing Potions

After some exploration of the town where I finally found my first healer I started to look out for the watchtower by the harbour that was said to be haunted. It was quite hard to find but I found this tower.


There was no way in. The door was barred but it seemed the windows above was open. I though I could use a skill like climb but it is not possible to use that skill. Perhaps I need to get some rope ?
I bought some but to no use. Then I saw it says barred windows as well. Hmm. I waited until midnight and then a ghost appeared.

I was asked to use a spell so why not use Banish Spirits ? I did and got some response. The spirit disappeared but I did not feel I was completing anything and my game score didn´t change. I still have 35 out of 1.000 points. I am leaving this part with the feeling of have failed. I was hoping for something more obvious.

I don´t remember anything else to do inside the city of Riva so either I go and explore the dwarven mines or visit the crazy magician in his tower south of town. By the way, I do steal from time to time. You could get quite much money from it. Let´s just say the goal justify the means.

To survive and help the city, why not do what you must ?

I left the city and started exploring the surroundings of the town. I found a deserted boathouse which could be used as resting place.

This is outside of the city of Riva

After awhile I came upon this strange structure...
Huge building outside the city

It turned out this was a college of magic and I met a student that wanted help to complete a graduation ritual. I brought him in. The college allegedly allows me to identify items for 1 ducat/item which is a very fair price. I´ve looked for some place in town but there are none.

During my continuing investigation of the arean Nalandra discovered a secret passage to something called the Hidden Valley.After a while I came to a cave opening.

Entrance to a mine or something in a hidden valley

It led into some sort of mine but Stipen complained about me not helping him out and would leave so I never entered the mine. I ran around and stumbled upon som trees near the coast and blow the horn Stipen carried. It was the correct answer according to his riddle document. The other Riddle seems to be some sort of structure or picture inside the town. I´ll get back there later on. So far - to my joy - I´ve only been part of one battle outside the city walls against some brigands (well quite many actually, 7 or so). That was such a tough fight that drained all my mana and a lot of strength so I had to return to town to heal up.

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