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August 10, 2011

Dragon Wars - Slow progress makes for an end of the game

I decided to return back to Magan Underworld and located the pool of magical restoration in the north to use as a base and then build up my experince by taking on tougher oppnonents. In doing so I found an eerie cave which I hadn´t seen before. I entered....

It turned out to actually reveal the first hint of the mainplot to me. A voice speaked and said:

"The fair world of Oceana is sinking as the seas swell ever larger - there is little to be done for this. The world has its span of life like any man or beast. The pilgrim Isles of Dilmun have been usurped by Namtar, a renegade demon from the realm of this Underworld. He has disposed of King Drake of Kingshome and rules in the late King's name, using the King's legions to pursue his path of conquest.

"Namtar must be destroyed. He has isolated his enemies, dispersed the magical brotherhood of the world and taken control of the dragons.

"The Sword of Freedom must be found and reborn in its forge. A reconciliation of sorts must be set between Irkalla and Nergal, for without accord in the Underworld, there can be no peace on the surface. When all is ready, seek the Mountain of Salvation - Namtar must be returned to the pit of hell from which he came." 

So Namtar must be destroyed and the Sword of Freedom found and reborn in its forge. Hmm...So where should I begin ?.. I went to the Mystic Forest and from there to QUAG Island and into Mud Toad City which I haven´t entered before. I found this statue of Lanactoor.


I´ve heard a rumour about restoring the parts of him. There is evidently four parts strewn across the land and I have found one part. I used the part I´ve found and it seem I am in the correct place, except it needs its trunk, head and hands to be complete. I suppose I have to return here later on.

For the time being I am considering to pause this game. It is huge and you have to get back and forth between different locations which means endless battles that are quite difficult in succeeding in. My spare time is limited. I have given this game 15 hours or so now. That will be enough for now.

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