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July 4, 2015

A good RPG year

This last year has seen many new good RPG:s and that´s why this blog have had very few CRPGS revisited. 

It first begun with the excellent Legend of Grimrock II which I recommend everyone to play that remotely liked Dungeon Master or Eye of the Beholder series. I am looking forward to yet another sequel. 

Then Lords of Xulima arrived and it was really a splendid typical CRPG game. Both vast and with great character development. I really hope for a sequel for that one as well.

Then it was time to try out Wasteland 2 and even though it is a solid game it not near the other fantasy based RPG:s that I have played so I quit in the middle of it to take on Dragon Age: Inquisition

Last night I finally completed it after over 100 hours. It is a fantastic, epical game with excellent story and cinematic effects and with great character story development. Even though I find the combat quite weak and not as controllable as I am used to the fantastic environments more than well makes up for it. It is truly the best in the series and the graphics is probably the best I have ever seen in an RPG. You get so much for your money there for I have never, ever seen such a huge game. 

Now, I have already started on Pillars of Eternity as well. That will keep me occupied for the rest of this summer. And if I against all odds would have any more time left to spend, I must of course pick up The Witcher 3. And if that is not enough I would like to check out the new CRPG Serpent in the Staglands.

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