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February 14, 2014

Eschalon III - Released!

Today the highly awaited Eschalon III was released. This suberb, old-classic style single player roleplaying game comes highly recommended. I have played the first two parts and strongly recommends them. This final part is of course a stand-alone product and you can download the demo here.



  1. Now I've been trying to get a look at the game since saturday, but your link gives me a 404 error and the main website address a 500 :-( this some kind of a reborn "error 37" phenomenon?
    You apparently have been able to download the game, how is it?

  2. BasiliskGames server collapsed during the launchday and they are working hard with their hostpartner to get it up and running again. Meanwhile you can get the game from their facebookpage:
    Or from

    I have only downloaded the demo yet. I will buy the full version when I have completed Inquisitor.