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July 28, 2013

Two year anniversary and next games thought of

This is the 2 year anniversal for my blog. 15 games has been reviewed and a few others revisited. The number of pageviews has increased to over 60.000 but there are certain spam sites that help up these figures tremendously so I don´t trust the statistics entirely. 

The number of comments last year has rised from 217 to 373 and my articles from 86 to 133.

My visitors are coming mainly from US, Germany, UK and Sweden and Firefox is by far the most popular reader. 7-8 % of the readers use their mobile phones or tablets.

I am still inclined to visit both old commercial CRPGs and new indie RPGs with heavy influence from CRPGs. I believe the indie developers need as much exposure as they can get.

So my next games up are either Swords & Sorcery - Underworld or Dark Disciples 2. I don´t know yet what it will be since I still have to complete Dragon Age 2 first.

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