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May 7, 2013

Request for good indie RPGs out there

The playing time I have today is focused almost entirely on old classical CRPGs as could be seen here on this blog. I am not even up to date of which modern releases are around the corner. I just read today that Dragon Age 3 are on the way but that information could be several months old already. Also Legend of Grimrock 2 is on the way. That information is already over 2 months old.

Anyway, in June I will have more time on my hand and plans to play Dragon Age 2 and continuning with this blog. 

However, I was writing this to get information of other good indie RPGs out there worth trying. Preferably in the same style like the games released from Basilisk GamesSpiderweb Software and Almost Human. I hate RPGs with manga style or cartoon like graphics so these are no alternatives for me. But I am always looking for traditional single or partybased RPGs that might be available. 

Anyone have anything to recommend ?


  1. Ugh. Blogger ate my reply. :-/

    I may have learned of this game here, my memory is not the best any more.
    Eschalon by Basilisk games. It's not old software, but it is designed in the old style.

    Good luck in your search!

    1. Yepp, and now we are waiting for the third part which should be released in late summer.

  2. Check out Knights of the Chalice:

    1. Thanks! I will try the demo

    2. I downloaded and tried the demo for some minutes. It seems detailed and very true to the D&D rules but I have huge problems with the happy, cartoonlike Graphics. I might give it a try though.

  3. Check this out... it's a dungeon crawler but it's got a ton of cool stuff once you take the time to get to know the ins and outs of the game...

  4. We are currently developing an adventurous dungeon crawler 'Aeon of Sands'.

    We release the demo at the end of summer.

    1. It looks very interesting. I'll come back to check later.

  5. Replies
    1. Ah, well they are still on my mind but everyone says they are so huge and will take forever to complete so I am a little wary about starting up on them. I might do a revisit though with no intention of completing them just to really see what they go for.

  6. Avencast on Steam. Indie - Cheap as Chip - ARPG

    1. Thanks! It was pretty good for its time. I completed it when it came out.

  7. Everyone has covered about everything I could think of Saintus! Good work all. Ps, my blog is back up Saintus. Check it out if you like. It's just starting, so let me know what you think! Take care!

  8. I am quite surprised there aren´t more games out there. Perhaps this RPG market is really small after all or it is very hard to come through announcing a game. Thanks for all replies though.

  9. Saintus,

    I know you are looking for currently released games, but I can recommend a buncg that are upcoming indie RPGS that look like they will be right up your alley:

    Wasteland 2
    Chaos Chronicles
    Shadowrun Returns
    Dead State
    Age of Decadence
    Sui Generis
    Eschalon Book III
    Project Eternity
    Realms of Arkania HD remake
    ...and a few more I can't remember!

    Also for current games I found a few you wight want to check out. The first is Underworld:Swords and Sorcery and the second is Driftmoon, which is a heavy story driven game, but it does have some cartoonish graphics which I know you are not fond of.

    1. Good post! I really look forward to new games being released soon.

    2. @Baxter

      Nice list, thank you!!

      I'd already backed Wasteland 2, Project Eternity and Numenera but Chaos Chronicles, Age of Decadence and Sui Generis look right up my street.

      God I long for the days of Lands of Lore, Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, Torment :)

    3. Now I´ve checked most games on the list and there is a lot to look forward to. I am just now downloading the demo of Underworld: Swords and Sorcery

  10. Hi there! Something I haven't yet seen mentioned:

    You'll find the Dark Disciples games there which seem to be exactly what you're looking for. If I may be so selfish, I would especially recommend the campaign I've written with the Dark Disciples II engine, Temple of Eternity (ToE tab on the site). I tried to add depth and detail to aspects not often focused on in CRPGs... hope it shows and you enjoy it!

    1. Thanks for your input. I checked out the website and I do admit that Dark Disciples looks quite interesting. When time and circumstances permits I will try this out.

  11. Avadon, the Avernum series ( a remake of the Exile series), the Geneforge series and Nethergate. All of these are spiderweb software games and they are all quite excellent. I believe the Exile series is abandonware now, but I'd still consider it playable. Here's how it all goes:

    Exile: Escape from the Pit
    Exile 2: Crystal Souls
    Exile 3: Ruined World
    Blades of Exile
    Geneforge 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
    Avernum 1, 2, 3 (remakes of Exile 1,2,3)
    Blades of Avernum
    Avernum 4, 5, 6 (additions to the series)
    Nethergate: Resurrection (remake of Nethergate, repolished in Avernum's engine)
    Avadon: The Black Fortress (new franchise, hopefully)
    Avernum: Escape from the Pit (remake of Avernum 1, repolished in Avadon's engine).

    I think you'll agree that's a butload of games.

  12. Not sure if you're still interested in the input, but I can personally recommend Shadowrun Returns, just got released on steam and it is a fantastic turn based rpg, even if a bit linear.

    1. Thanks! Every recommendation is welcome although I am put off by future based RPGs.

  13. I recommend Aethra Chronicles. Indie, classic and free, based on the Rolemaster rpg.

  14. Lands of Lore is in desperation we need a Lands of Lore 4, 5, 6, 7, 8!
    Finish the series by treating it with the respect this game series deserves.

  15. not sure if this entry should remain buried in the crypt called archive but anyway: Some time ago I got bored and searched for old-school RPGs running on my Linux box - and I found some rather interesting one's at Winterwolves.

    It took me a while to overcome the Manga-style and the heavy sub-plot regarding "romances" but the turn-based combat system is enjoyable tactical and advancing in the story highly rewarind (leveling gets never old).

    Planet Stronghold[1] in a SF setting is the older one and the possabilities in combat rather limited, but I like it more because the characters are more "sensible" and not as exaggerated over-sexed* as in

    Loren the Amazon Princess[2], though the improvement in the combat (2 rows, _much_ more tactical options) make it imho the better game.

    *) I don't mind male nipples and female under-boobs (or - for that matter - female nipples and male under-boobs :)), but the characters should be believable