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August 3, 2012

August update

I am going to Ukraine for a couple of weeks on vacation so I will not be able to do any updates until the end of August. However, I will bring a netbook with me and my intention is to make a revisit to the Amiga game Legend of Faerghail. Another game I will bring with me is Ishar 3 and I might be giving it a short revisit without intention of completing it just to compare it with Ishar 2. If for nothing else, I want to transfer my party to Ishar 3.

As a last stand, I bought Avadon - The black fortress half a year ago and haven´t had time to start on it yet. I think we should support new efforts of bringing classical RPGs back to life. I´ll return with a comment if I find this game good. My recommendation is otherwise to try out Legend of Grimrock, a new dungeon master clone released earlier this year that got very good reviews.

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  1. Legend of Faerghail is one of my old favorites... can't wait to see your posts about playing it.

    Avadon is a good game, but if you haven't played Vogel's earlier games (all the Avernum and Geneforge games) I recommend them first. For me Avadon was the weakest that he's created. I'm playing his remake of the first Avernum (which was a remake of his first Exile game) and it's great... much better than Avadon. Worth a thought.

    Safe traveling...