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November 10, 2011

Dungeon Master 2 - Very near the end

Last time I tried to figure out how to pass a room with reflectors and pits in the floor. It turned out I didn´t have to align the reflectors to get through. I just sent in a scout to stand on the brown spot behind the wall and the pits and the pits would go away.

We got up to the next level from there and faced a corridor full of electrical charges being spawned out from the wall. The only way to get through was to cast the spell accelerate on the party and run through with as little damage as possible. Behind the corridor was a niche with two keys as seen below.

Vital keys behind a trap in the floor

The problem was that if I took both keys I would be trapped within the marks at the ground. So I could only take one key and step out. Placing something to replace the keys had no effect. So I took the Onyx key and used it to open the door just before the electrical charges. At this stage of the game I was constantly harassed by the flying robots. They are so extremely irritating. If you don´t move quick enough you can stand around one or two hits until the whole party is wiped out.

When coming through the door we finally got into a room with a huge crystal, several levers at the wall and a special gate door that did not open. There where also another gate and a teleporter that could be used. The only way forward was to use the teleporter to be transported into a room where you where trapped behind tables and reflectors. You had to hurl fireballs on the reflectors to destroy the tables and get space to move. You could then get out of the room only to find yourself back at the mainroom with the huge gem. So what do I have to do ? I had to cheat by checking and it was said I have to move the reflectors into the main room and align them against the gem. Then, by pressing the levers, fireballs would be hurled hitting the reflectors and then the gem. It is supposed that the special gate door then should be opened.

The roof of Skullkeep, full of nasties as could be seen

But nothing happend when I pulled the levers. No fireballs where emitted at all. Hmm. There was a ladder here that went down to the machine room I spoke about in a previous post. I figured that now was the time to try to get it started and so I went down and tried to check everything. I was constantly attacked by the robots so my progress was very slow. I even had to go back to the pits since I though I would have to pick up pyre stones to use somewhere but I never found out where. I moved some levers in the machine room, the fire was burning, some preassure was seen etc. I went back up and now I could pull the levers and fireballs was emitted. But nothing happend. It seems I need a lightning bolt to hit the gem from the side and that thing of the machine is not working. I have no idea how to get it to work. 

Right now I am quite fed up with this machine thing and decided to pause the game. I know that I am very near the end and that I soon will face Dagoth, the enemy himself.

I was hoping I could have finished Dungeon Master II before Skyrim was released tomorrow. I am not sure I will have the time to go back to finishe this until too much time has passed. There will probably not be any more updates for some time now due to the Skyrim release.

Ps. By the way, my DM2 is running extremely slow in dosbox right now. To move a step forward takes 1-2 seconds. I have tried to change the dosbox settings but cannot make it to change. Does anyone know how to increase performance ? I thought it was because I was overloaded but saw no effect when unloading items.


  1. I haven't read your entries about DM 2 to avoid spoilers, but I've read that it requires more horsepower than most other games to run properly with DOSBox. Have you tried increasing the CPU cycles, either from the config files or pressing Ctrl-F12 from within the game?

    I've been playing Chaos Strikes Back recently, and it was almost as fun as the first time.
    It doesn't require that much time to play if you are already familiar with Dungeon Master (I estimate I spent one third of the time on completing CSB, than I did on a game like Ultima V), but it requires patience, attention to details and meticilous mapping more than anything else.

    I've reas that DM 2 is easier than DM 1. Is that you experience as well?

  2. Thanks for trying to help me out. I cannot increase the CPU cycles. They seemed to be fixed. I am using a download of DM2 (CD version) with fixed settings. It came as a package. I had some trouble getting it to work manually.

    I haven´t played Dungeon Master 1 so I don´t know if DM2 is easier but, it is not difficult and the game is quite short. I had greater problems with Crystal Dragon. That said, DM2 offers - at least for me - just the kind of challenge that won´t stop you or bore you. I did however have problems with the machine thing but it´s more a nuisance than anything else. I recommend trying it out.

    Right now, Skyrim is taking all the little time I can afford....